Contextual and Conceptual Notes about Endogenous-Emancipatory Local Development (LD) or Local-Communitarian Development (LCD) – CONSOLIDATION ESSAY. – Ebook

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Vicente Fideles de Avila
1ª Edição
213 páginas
ISBN: 978-655887-102-6
Ano: 2022


2nd EDITION – reviewed by the author

The REASONS and PURPOSE of the textualization and availability of these Annotations to the potentially interested public are inferred from the general title Contextual and Conceptual Annotations on Local Development (DL) or Endogenous-Emancipatory Community-Local Development (DCL) – CONSOLIDATION ESSAY. Even so, the following considerations regarding both seem to me opportune.
In view of these REASONS concerning the present CONSOLIDATION ESSAY, its main and functional OBJECTIVE was and continues to be to gather and analyze, in a single compendium intended for successive and possibly interested generations, the main contextual and conceptual notes regarding what I understand and defend as in fact Local Development (DL) or Endogenous-Emancipatory Community-Local Development (LCD). Furthermore, at the moment I can only observe that these two denominations have exactly the same meaning, although the first is of constant use in the academic environment and the second is better suited to dealing with populations from their own community-local realities.